Our Latest New Member Mihir Sahoo

It is with much pleasure that I announce that Mihir, who joined our organization at our June picnic, has volunteered to take over Merchandise handling from our dear friends Vince and Pat.  Mihir has also agreed to be my back up or “Alternate Corresponding Secretary”.  He is skilled in computer applications and eager to support the organization.

He is also a member of The Art of Living  organization which is a non profit 501 c3 like ourselves. They are having a huge event July 7&8th at the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit.  Here is the information:  It will also be posted in our “Workshops Events” on our website.  Please check it out and let people know about it.

For the first time in the MidWest!

Unveiling Infinity

Ancient meditation techniques with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

July 7 – 8, 2018 (Detroit)

Scientists have concluded that the universe extends to infinity, but this infinity can never be seen.

Hidden within the Vigyan Bhairav, a remarkable 5,000 years old text, are 112 techniques to experience infinity within oneself.

During this two-day immersion, global peace leader and spiritual master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will unveil the subtle secrets in this powerful text. Many experiences in life have enabled us to transcend to a different space and state of mind.

Unveiling Infinity with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar enables us to uncover the ability to achieve this state at will and on a regular basis.

A very rare opportunity for all our Yogic practitioners to meet a living Guru with so many lives he has touched in the entire Globe and to learn something ancient yet very New directly from Sri Sri.

Sri Sri will be decoding this ancient text to all of us guiding us through these profound Meditation techniques.