Our Future and ZOOM

With the COVID 19 world we live in these days, it is quite apparent that our world of yoga has changed and is not likely to return to what it was prior to this major event. As such we, as an organization, will need to adapt. It is likely we will not have an on site meeting this year but we have quickly moved to ZOOM meetings that have been very successful. More people attend who would not, in the past have wanted to travel to our meeting site. It is easier for some members schedule and its a great opportunity to reconnect with our yoga community. We are monitoring the situation with respect to our annual yoga retreat and will be publishing an update on the near future.

Going forward, we will continue our monthly meetings per the schedule posted on the website, HOWEVER when and if we go back to on site meetings we will make those meetings available via ZOOM for those members who cannot attend in person. We may even combine our monthly Anatomy Study Group session with our monthly member meeting, as we did in this month.

We have also worked to enhance our monthly meetings in general to include some form of information to enhance our teaching skills or our understanding of some aspect of anatomy or yoga. Stay tuned…in many ways it is an exciting time of change.