Tracy Hennessey

Tracy Hennessey

Name & Hometown: Tracy Hennessey – Born in Wisconsin, grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, now living in Berkley, Michigan.

Who or what inspired you to be a yoga instructor: I have my degree in Recreational Therapy and was working as an Activity Director helping older adults and their families deal with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke, Brain injury, and more. I truly love this work, but it definitely has it’s stressful moments. In an effort to find some stress relief and calmness, I found Sherry Stone’s yoga class. Yoga immediately spoke to me and my need for relaxation and connection to mind and body. I took Sherry’s class for many years, and eventually evolved into wanting to become a teacher. I studied at Namaste and became a registered teacher in 2004.

Describe your style of yoga: I teach Hatha Yoga. I teach a slow paced class, focused on flexibility, breath work and relaxation. I have also taught chair yoga classes at nursing homes and assisted living centers, which I very much enjoy.

What’s your favorite yoga pose: I love all the poses! Tree Pose is one of my favorites and is the first pose I taught to a group – in Sherry’s class.

Do you work for a yoga studio or have a private practice? Please list your locations & class schedule, if you would like: I teach a general Hatha yoga class for all ages and abilities on Monday nights in Berkley. I teach a Stretch and Tone (a combination of classic yoga stretches and balances with light weight training) class for seniors at Twyfit Personal Training Center in Clawson on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I’ve also recently become a certified Personal Trainer, so I can train clients out of Twyfit as well. And on Friday mornings, I teach for Ascension Community Health Center in Southfield. A general Hatha yoga class geared for seniors. In addition, I have a few one on one clients that I work with in their home.

Discuss how being a member of YAGD has helped you in your yoga career, or, practice: My family and friends aren’t necessarily into yoga and meditation, so it’s nice to be in a group of like-minded people that appreciate the practice. And I also love my quiet time in Port Huron at the Fall Yoga Retreat!

Is there anything else you would like to add, like family… hobbies… karma yoga… or other professions? I’m a CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist), RYT 200 and CPT (Certified Personal Trainer). Although I’m not working in a facility as a full time CTRS, I’ve been able to use my expertise as a therapist with my yoga clients; it’s helped me be to adapt yoga and make it more accessible for my clients. When I’m not teaching, I am a taxi driver, getting my 2 kids to all of their activities. I like watching football, and being from Wisconsin, I’m a big Green Bay Packer fan! I also enjoy cooking, gardening, and hanging out with my dog and 2 cats.