Breath and Bones Workshop was a big success

Saturday was Kathy Schaefer’s Breath and Bones workshop at Mercy Center in Farmington Hills.  The  gloomy day was perfect for huddling inside and learning something new form one of our local YAGD teachers, hooking up with like minded people, learning more about our bones and breath to share with our students. It was definately an experiential approach to learning, which allows us to experience a move in our body first so we can then take it to the classroom.  Thanks Kathy!




Photo Shoot for YAGD

Well we did it!! on July 1st 5 of us got together with Randy Cardona, our professional photographer.  We met at Belle Isle’s Scott fountain and began our adventure to take as many photo’s at Detroit landmarks as the day and time would permit.  We had a great time, even with the 90+ degree weather and a strong wind.  My thanks to volunteers, Vince Spadacini, Diane  Kinaschuk,Sharon Holcomb and Jennie Kurth. Randy has been excellent to work with and  very responsive to our needs and requests.  My plan is to use the photos on our website and for future advertising for YAGD.  Below are a few of the photo’s taken.